Here are some of my planetary texture maps that I've collected over the years. It has taken me lots
of time to find and make these maps, but I'm providing them here for your modelling pleasure.
They are available in a usable size compared to other places on the web. In fact, with the size of
2500x1250 you should be able to render out full disc renders with as high as 1250x1250 resolution!!!!!
If you do use these images in your own rendering, I would love to see them. If you have
any renders, send them to me here. You are free to download these maps and use them in your own
work as you see fit, but do NOT redistribute these maps in any form!!!!

If you use the maps in ANY commercial images/Animation I would like to see the final product.
I will not charge any money for use of the maps, so don't be worried about that!! :-)

Latest updates
March 2 - 2003

Earth Texture Atmospheric -Mayor improvement in colors
Earth Clouds -Small improvement
Earth Elevation/Bump -Small improvement
Earth Water/Land Mask -Now inludes rivers and lakes
Earth Night Lights -Now with natural colors
Mars Texture Map -More acurate colors
Mars Elevation/Bump -Based on the newest data
March 16 - 2003
Earth Texture Natural Colors -Now matches mask image
Copyright information
Earth Texture Natural Colors -NOAA/USGS/MODIS/stockli/Tor Øra
Earth Texture Atmospheric -NOAA/USGS/MODIS/stockli/Tor Øra
Earth Clouds -Tor Øra
Earth Elevation/Bump -USGS EROS/Tor Øra
Earth Water/Land Mask -Department of Geography UMD/Tor Øra
Earth Night Lights -NGDS/NOAA/DMSP/Tor Øra
Moon Texture Map 1 -USGS/Hubble ESA Info Centre/Tor Øra
Moon Texture Map 2 -NASA/Naval Research Laboratory

Venus Texture False Colors -NASA/JPL
Mars Texture Map -Caltech/JPL/USGS/NASA/Tor Øra
Mars Elevation/Bump -NASA/MOLA Science Team/Tor Øra
Stars Map -Hubble ESA Information Centre/Tor Øra

Earth Texture Natural Colors

Earth Texture Atmospherical

Earth Clouds

Earth Elevation/Bump

Earth Water/Land Mask

Earth Night Lights

Moon Texture Map 1

Moon Texture Map 2

Venus Texture False Colors

Mars Texture Map

Mars Elevation/Bump

Stars Map